As Development and Support Association for Small and Medium Firms KOSGEB offers opportunities for entrepreneurs both in local and international market. Its aim is to make them have say in the global market by providing services and props to increase their roles in economic and social development.

Application Requirements
• Completing KOSGEB Entrepreneurship Training

*Applied Entrepreneurship Training;
• Formed by KOSGEB units,
• Conducted by KOSGEB, in the scope of national or international projects,
• Trainings performed by various firms in co-operation with KOSGEB,
• They are entrepreneurship lectures conducted by universities in the context of formal education.
• Applied Entrepreneurship Trainings, lasts min. 32 hours, open to public and free trainings.

- Being established the company within 2 years.

What is included?
-50.000 TL (Non-refundable) 60% *
-100.000 TL (Refundable)
* Implemented by 80% to women entrepreneurs, veterans, martyr’s relatives or disabled people.

Who can benefit?
• Those who completed the Applied Entrepreneurship Program or Entrepreneurs that will work with İŞGEM.
• There should not be any unlimited companies in the same operation context (according to the current NACE-Economic Operations Classification’s 4-based code) by 1(one) year following the entrepreneur’s application. Also, there should not be any partnership more than 50% from a company that has legal entity.
• The company that entrepreneur will form should be in the status of natural or legal status that have been defined in Turkish Commercial Code.
• In the process of support for the entrepreneur; he/she should not work for any other business/institution/organization based on SGK orders. However, this is not applied to the instructors that will be involved in Incubators.

SUPPORT ELEMENT   UPPER LIMIT (TL) SUPPORT RATIO (%)    (1st and 2nd Region) SUPPORT RATIO (%) (3rd, 4th, 5 th and 6 th Region)
Business Founding Support Non-refundable 2.000 -
Formation Process Machine, Equipment, Office Hardware and Software Support 18.000 60
Implemented by 80% to women entrepreneurs, veterans, martyr’s relatives or disabled people.
Implemented by 90% to women entrepreneurs, veterans, martyr’s relatives or disabled people.
Business Expenses Support 30.000
Total of Non-refundable Supports 50.000
Fixed Investment Support Refundable 100.000

• 2.000 (two thousand) TL is sponsored for company formation expenses. • In the Formation Process Machine, Equipment, Office Hardware and Software Support context, there is a fund of 18.000 (eighteen thousand) TL for machine, equipment, software and hardware that will be bought in the period of 24(twenty four) months since the formation of the company.
• In the Operation Expenditures Support context, for the rent of the workplace and staff net payments monthly min. 5.000(five thousand), totally 30.000(thirty thousand) non-refundable fund is provided.
• The upper limits for Formation Process Machine, Equipment, Office Hardware and Software Support and Operations Expenses Support can be increased by 50% while not exceeding the total of these support factors. In that situation, Formation Process Machine, Equipment, Office Hardware and Software Support’s upper limit cannot exceed 27.000(twenty seven thousand) TL, Operations Expenses Support’s upper limit cannot exceed 45.000(forty five thousand) TL and the sum of these two supports cannot exceed 48.000(forty eight thousand)TL.
• In the context of Fixed Investment Support, 100.000 (one hundred thousand) TL is given as non-refundable within the following 24 (twenty four) months after the establishment of the company to buy machine, equipment and software.

This is the program to provide firm’s small scale needs and assists firm in the project developing process. The goal of the General Support Program is to increase the role and activity of small and medium firm’s while meeting economic and social needs of the country, to raise the level of competiveness of them, to regulate the base of the works and operations that will be conducted by Small and Medium Enterprises Development and Support Administration to make the integration in the industry suitable to economy.

Application Requirements
• The business that wants to benefit from this program should be in the status of natural or legal status that have been defined in Turkish Commercial Code, registered to KOSGEB Database and be active.

What is included?


1 Domestic Fair Support 45.000 % 50 % 60 % 70
2 Business Trip to Abroad Support 20.000*
3 Publicity Support 25.000
4 Matching Support 30.000
5 Qualified Personnel Employment Support 50.000
6 Consulting Support 22.500
7 Training Support 20.000
8 Energy Efficiency Support 75.000
9 Design Support 22.500
10 Industry Property Rights Support 30.000**
11 Certification Support 30.000**
12 Test, Analysis and Calibration Support 30.000
13 Independent Supervision Support 15.000
14 Volunteer Specialty Support 15.000
15 Logistics Support 40.000

(*) As a part of KOSGEB SME and Entrepreneurship Rewards, every year determined finalists are supported by 100% (hundred) without bothering the upper limits in the context of Business Trip Abroad Program arranged by KOSGEB.

(**) The documents which will be acquired from TSE and TPE shall be supported by 100%(hundred) regardless of their region.
The aim is to support young entrepreneurs with innovative ideas to make them transform their business ideas into value-added ideas and high-quality job creation potential of the enterprise by the Techno-enterprise Capital Support program that is in the context of Law No.5746.

Application Requirements
• Students who are enrolled to a universities’ formal education program and will be graduated within one year, graduate or doctoral students, those who graduated from a graduate program or doctorate program 5 years before the pre-application date.

• "Being able to graduate within a year" requirement, authorized units of the university about the requested Techno-enterprise capital support held on behalf of a public authority under the central government transcript,

• The “Taking up to five years before the pre-application” condition will be authenticated by the university with an export permit or diploma,

• The business that the entrepreneur is representing alone and able to bind and created after the support application which is accepted by the public administration under the central government in accordance with the business plan can benefit from the support.

What is involved?
• 100.000 TL Project Support, Deposit Payment, Disposal
• 12 Months
The 1512 Techno-enterprise Capital Support Program aimed to support entrepreneurs’ activities in all phases from the starting point –thinking- to market for make entrepreneurs transform their technology and business focused ideas into value-added and to create potential high-quality employment undertakings; thus encouraging qualified entrepreneurship and creation of firms that have high competition power, innovative, is able to produce product with high level of technology and services is aimed.

Application Requirements
This program consists three stages that are described below which aims to transform innovative business ideas to product/process/service. Entrepreneur can proceed to next stage when an individual completes each step respectively and gets approval from TUBITAK. Stage 1; this is the stage where entrepreneur’s business ideas are presented to the operator institutions, trainings, guidance, incubation etc. is provided for the business ideas that has potential to transform into successful business plans, verification of the idea in the process of transformation from business idea to business plan. Stage 1 is completed in date which is indicated in the techno-enterprise capital support business plan.

Stage 2; This stage starts with the evaluation of business plans within the framework of Code of Practice. After the assessment of the company, to establish a company within a defined time that is defined earlier for the business plans that have been selected as appropriate is requested. After entering an agreement between the firm and TUBITAK, a grant without warrant as project support and capital is given to the firm. The conceptual design that firm will make in the framework of firm’s business plan and techno-enterprise capital support, technical and economic feasibility, technological enhancements (commercial prototype, simulation, software algorithm etc.) activities and outputs that are acquired after these activities which will be transformed to commercial value are included in Stage 2. TEYDEB can provide guideness on request from the firm during Stage 2.

Stage 3; This stage aims to enhance the outputs’ performance and functionality while increasing their commercialization potential, that have been obtained in the earlier stages from the institution, by R&D studies. Stage 3 begins with institution’s preparation for project proposal to apply to TUBITAK SME R&D Starter Support Program and evaluation of the project that has been technologically verified in special framework. In this stage, activities such as enhancement of the commercial prototype in terms of function and performance, testing and field tests are done. Firms which completed the Stage 2 and established by the Techno-enterprise Capital Support that has been given in the context of Code Number 5746 for Research and Development Activities Support by the public institutions under the central government can apply to the TUBITAK R&D Support Program which is under Stage 3 in the following 24 months. In the context of Stage 3 of supporting projects, monitoring and resulting them the Code of Practices that are belong to TUBITAK R&D Starter Support Program.

Who can benefit the support?
• Those who finished at least one undergraduate program and less than 45 years old
• Those who did not benefit from Techno-enterprise (Ministry of Industry) or TUBITAK 1512 Support

What is included?
• 110.000 TL Project Support + 40.000 TL Capital Support, Pre-payment, Disposal
• 18 Months
The basic strategy for Small and Medium Size Business (SME) strategy and action plan is based on increasing their efficiency, their role in the value added and international competitiveness. In our country, R&D activities are restricted to big size companies, but for SMEs, which constitutes the 98% of the country’s industry, it is below in the desired level. A support program for SME’s R&D projects and innovative projects has been designed and introduced by TUBITAK to catch up above-mentioned goals by bearing in mind the market conditions and liabilities.

By the supports in the context of this project by increasing SME’s technology and innovative capacities making them more competitive, making systematic projects, developing products with more value added, having corporate research and technology enhancement culture, taking more part in the domestic and international support programs are aimed.

Who can benefit?
• SMEs who are in the TUBITAK supported project constraint that are defined in Code of Practice.

What is included?
• 75% Project Support, 25% Pre-payment, 500.000 TL
• 18 Months
• 5 project support with 3 + 2 partners
This program is created for promoting firms which creates value added Research and Development studies and increasing Turkish Industry’s R&D skills with this way.

Who can benefit the support?
• Turkey-based firms that create value-added can apply.

What is included?
• Basic support ratio is forty percent (40%) without regardless of the firm’s sector and scale.
• The total support ratio can be maximum sixty percent (60%) with basic support ratio and other additional supports.
• The duration of support is per project max. Thirty-six (36) months.

Supported expenses;
a) Personnel expenses,
b) Travel expenses within the scope of project made by project personnel; plane, train, bus, ship made with intercity and international economy class travel expenses,
c) Tools, equipment, software and printed media buying expenses,
d) Material and supplies costs,
e) Domestic and international consulting and other outsourcing costs,
f) Universities in Turkey, R&D units connected to TUBITAK, R&D services that are done by private sector institutions and organizations.
“2015/8 Currency Earning Service Trade Support” by Ministry of Economy had been issued in order to enhance Turkey’s currency earning service sector’s international competitiveness, increase service revenues, open foreign market and branding.

Who can benefit?
Firms starting from educational institutions to health institutions, from informatics to film or management consulting which are active in these fields can benefit from this support.

Health Tourism
• Health Institutions
• Health Tourism Firms

• Software
• Games
• Mobile Apps

Management consulting

• Universities and high technology institutions
• Faculty, institution, college, conservatory.
• Research and application centers
• Colleges that have been built by foundations

• Film distributors and/or production companies
• Companies produce film plateau/studio

What is included

A) Support for Beneficiary (Informatics Company)
a. Product/Service/Trademark Registration and protection
%50, annually 50.000$

b. Market research reports / data mining / monitoring / evaluation / company purchase
% 60, annually 120.000 $

c. Documentation
% 50, belge başına 50.000 $

d. Advertising, promotion, marketing
% 60, annually 400.000 $

e. Overseas Unit
% 60, annually 200.000 $

f. Consultancy
% 50, annually 200.000 $

g. Agency commission expenses
% 50, annually 100.000 $

Elements to be provided to the Informatics Sector for Support
a. Computer Games/Mobile Applications market entrance expenses (Localization/Hosting/DVD Preparation, advertisement expenses)
% 50, 200.000 $ (per game/application)

b. Computer Game/Mobile Application overseas sale commission expenses
% 50, 100.000 $ (per game/application)

c. c. Computer Game / Mobile Application development expenses, obtain License, personnel employment expenses
% 50, yıllık 50.000 $ (annual)
% 50, 25.000 $ (annual per personnel. 2 personnel)

Overseas Fair/Festival/Film Market Program Supports
a. Promotion of individual fair participation
Participation Expenses and Transportation Costs 50%, $15.000 (per event)

b. Support for National Participation Organization
For Participation Expenses and Transportation Costs 50%*, $15.000 (per event) For the promotion and marketing spending Cooperation provider or organizers 75%, 1$20.000 (per event)

B) Support for Cooperation Organizations
a. Support of Trade/Purchase Boards (Maximum 10 Trade and Purchase board annually)
Participant/Beneficiary/Coop. Organization transportation, accommodation, organization: 70%, $150.000 per program

b. b. SSCEP - Service Sector Competitiveness Enhancement Project
Needs analysis, training, consulting, organization, staffing
75%, $400.000 project basis (max.2 personnel)

Domestic and Overseas Promotion / Organization (Max. 10 per year)
Transportation, accommodations, organization: 75%, per program 150.000 $

c. Market research reports / data mining / monitoring / evaluation / purchase company
70% , annually 300.000 $

d. Advertising, promotion, marketing
70%, annually 500.000 $

e. Overseas unit
Rent 70% , annually 300.000 $

f. Domestic promotion and marketing
70 %, 100.000 $ (per program)

g. Domestic Education
70%, 300.000 $ (annual)

h. Commercials, publicities and organizations about Competitions/Activities that are coordinated by TİM/Units
% 70, 200.000 $ (per program)